For six months we exchanged letters that offered us a common ground to build a body of work that is rendered from an extensive archive of thoughts, stories, interests, knowledge, emotions, beliefs and doubts. 

So, what’s next for us? I made a machine do our work. “... nothing but horizontals, no brightness: colorless space and dead life”. Verb (used with object), land·scaped, land·scap·ing. But this book argues that this is old thinking.

I’d rather think slow than not at all.

To end this letter handwritten; I am very much looking forward to all we will experience, write and do. I am looking more and more forward to our next meeting. “... we will have this massive list of recommendations to consume!” Quickly off to the mailbox now. 


Much Love,

Iver, Karla, Noa, Fedrik, Marie


PPS: I drew Sigur and the dragon holding hands and being friends.

Tuning in: Letters and Matter and Landscapes. 2023

Collective installation, various materials. At B32 Artspace, Maastricht, Netherlands.


With the participation of: Marie Civikov, Noa Zuidervaart, Fedrik Vaessen, Iver Uhre

Dahl und Karla Paredes K.


Under the Master Apprentice Program of Kunstpodium T