The Other realm. 2:33 min. 2021. Videoloop

teil von der Installation “Sensing matters”





The other realm is about the awakening of our senses in its pure condition. A moment when we perceive with all our senses and recognize our world without pre-conceptions. Perceiving the world without desire, with humility and admiration for every part that constitutes the whole.

Inspired by Rainer Maria Rilkes’`s “ The sonnets to Orpheus” in where Orpheus is the symbol of humanity in absolute connection with the world. One that is constantly transforming with all its particular and ungraspable forms. In this video I aim to imagine how he enters a mode of being in which all human dichotomies

(live and death, human and non-human, animate and non-animate)are reunited in an infinite wholeness. A turn to the simplest human experiences of breathing, feeling, experiencing with all senses, beyond thought.


Water language. 03:03. 2021. Videoloop.

teil von den installation “Sensing matters”.



Is a video-loop that depict water movements in 3 different situations and places. Looking closely at this patterns of movement I have to think of how similar these movements are to those of our body movements of expression. This comparison reaffirm my thoughts about how the element water, is a living one and also how once live started in it.


This video is shown in combination with sculptures and objects that are also part of the installation.