It is possible that an encounter of elements, meanings and  materialities that despite their differences could still be understand as whole ?

What is a possible space for an artwork?


This project was born under a participation of seminar during a Master´s Programme in which we should work in a “non artistic” space. In this case at home, where we could have the opportunity to work daily on the project and at the same time be confronted with space that mostly is used for other activities. 

Here for I chose the laundry room at my cellar. Working from the details that were part of the space and with materials that I found there, but at the same time  working with other materials that I was familiar to as wax, wood and plaster.

I aim to  capture the details of forms and haptic of some materials or objects that were already part of the space combining or alienating them with each other, the work proposes a new a relation of tension and an interdependence in between the space its elements and the objects added by me.


clash. 2020. plaster, wax, copper tubes, epoxy, wood, founded objects, natural

latex, pigments and diverse tree branches.

220 x 120 cm.