Common sense


This project aims to reveal the interactive dynamics between me and other fifteen participants that were part of a seminar during a Master Programme. During this time we shared our own stories about certain topics that came out of our own interest. Furthermore we met every time at the same space, a former school that now it works as a temporary space for experimental artist practices.

The idea here was to create an installation in which we could all participate simultaneously and equally, using found material in this specific space.

For this purpose I create a time score ( 20 min) in which we could work all together at the same time and with the same materials. The action was recorded and presented afterwards in an old television in between the installation.

In addition the stories written from everyone of us were collected. Every participant could choose to read a loud a passage of one of these stories written by someone else. These readings were also recorded and were used as a sound loop that accompanied the installation.



common sense. 2020. 



group installation set by scores. founded objects.

video loop from the process of making. 20 min.

Sound loop of the readings made by the participants.


Room size 500 x 430 cm.