Former form

transforming and moving

reapiditly, faster as I can think.


A fraction of your words

are falling to the ground.

There used to be a frame 

that kept everything in it.


Relative space between us

Minimizing the time that is left.

Shadows of remembrance are following me

while I am walking away.



                                                      Karla Paredes K. 2019



How to know?

What is transmitted as knowledge and how? 


What do I know ? And what is beyond my knowledge? Can I get rid of what I already know?  

If knowledge is information? From where of from whom I get “in-form”?

Furthermore Which information leave traces in my body and perception?

Which exchange processes occur between my inner and the outer world, without them being recognized, determined or relativized by me?


Sensing matters is an installation that was and is in constant transformation. A conglomeration of different media, materials and techniques were choose here with the purpose to express and stimulate the multitude of interactions between me and all the other things that are part of the world I live in, with its similarities but also with its contradictions. Through the process of the work I question myself in which way experiences can transform into materials, and materials transform into objects; and how these objects communicate and function in multiple variations within the wider language of the whole, evolving work. These discussion is one about materials as one of translation and transition. 

My staring point was to question the way I use to gather knowledge and to work until that moment. These patterns are based in a western anthropocentric education. In which the mind and the body are separate since Cartesian dualism. As well as other oppositions - the real and the imaginary, the material and in-material, the animated and non-animated, etc.

All of these oppositions are represented as separated poles under our western society’s canons.

In my search for other social structures, in which these contrasts will be viewed differently than in the Western World, I investigated  a native tribe of Peru (Shipibo-Conibos).  I was particularly interested in their way of learning and sharing their knowledge, based on an intimate, physical experience and non-linear categorization of time. This way of thinking and see the world differs immensely from ours. That is why I was inspired to work and learn  in the way they do, which meant to change or at least try to suppress my already acquired knowledge and work patterns. My goal was to work and learn directly from the process of manufacturing without a solid idea. To do this, I created time, movement or space scores that allowed chance in the process of creating. A method that gave me creative freedom beyond the previously established or habitual forms of thinking and making. The active part of perception was a new source for exploring the possibilities of staging. This became palpable as soon as I started to accept chance and constant experimentation with different materials, media and spaces as an important part of the process.

Accepting and perceiving this infinite change and transformation of all things as a web of interconnected information flowing through every single part that constitute the whole and that is beyond our control was an important recognition, which helped me to explore and question my understanding of established knowledge structures, representation activities and reality.

Sensing matters - Master thesis
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Sensing Matters 2021.pdf
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Sensing matters. 2021.  Mixed media Installation 


Mixed media Installation. Different Elements: Sculptures made from: Wooden plates, Wire, Bambus, earth, ceramics, metal, found materials and objects, epoxy, paper, books, magazine cuttings,rubber and Plaster. 3 Kurzvideos. 6 Aquarell painting. 1 Oil painting on paper.

Variable Size.