In our first chapter, titled 'Tuning in: Letters and Matter and Landscapes’, we exchanged letters, establishing a common ground to build an extensive archive reflecting our conversations. In ‘Attuned?’ we reconvene to delve deeper into our mutual tensions and relations. Continuing our narrative, this next phase centres on how our collaboration resonates with the broader reality we exist in.

For this, we turn to the concept of hybrids to investigate the fusion between humans, nature and technology. Through this lens, we speculate about methods to bridge the gap between these seemingly distinct domains. A complex ecosystem emerges, wherein we examine the correlations between the organic and synthetic, animate and inanimate.

We materialise this ecosystem in a presentation referencing both the characteristics of an archive, thrift shop and a cabinet of curiosities. Within this space, finalised works and preceding explorations coexist, creating a non-hierarchical constellation that emphasises each object's agency and history. This approach embodies our vision on the ties between humans and their non-human surroundings.

With ‘Attuned?’, we invite you to create your own connections among our network of objects and ideas. Every item offers a chance to ponder, connect, and consider our place within the vast web of existence.


Collective Installation

Attuned? 2023

By Noa Zuidervaart, Fedrik Vaessen, Iver Uhre Dahl and Karla Paredes.

Winner collective work of the Jan Naaikensprize 2023