The Vibrant Substance of a place



Installation: 5 sculptures, 1 wall drawing intervention,1 window drawing intervention

2 soundpieces, 1video-loop.


During my residency at Roermond I found myself getting acquainted to a new environment. The former Philips fabric, an environment that encloses many different qualities, relations and states, changing all together through time. I spend time attuning myself to the premises, its past as well as its present situation and changing future state; and to the variety and abundance of material. These examinations revert into an installation work that includes a collection of materials found in the premises, some of these transformed into sculptures, a drawing pursue out of the traces that nature left inside and outside the building, a sound piece out of a conversation with a former worker of the factory, a video-loop that assembles my first impressions of the factory and its surroundings as well as a poem dedicated to the building, turned into a sound intervention.